Classroom Management

Classroom management is essential to the learning environment. Rules for behavior will be Bible-based, enforceable, and clearly defined. Obedience and respect for others will be the basis for these rules. The following color- coded system will be used.

  • 1.
    Children will start the day on GREEN, meaning that the child is making right choices. Throughout the day, children will be encouraged to continue to make right choices in the areas of obedience and respect for others. Children will be recognized and rewarded for making right choices.
  • 2.
    Children who have been reminded to make good choices yet continue to misbehave will receive a verbal warning and may be moved to the color YELLOW. If the child’s behavior improves, the child may earn the privilege of being placed back on GREEN as deemed appropriate by the teacher.
  • 3.
    Persistent wrong behavior may result in the child receiving a short time out (sitting in an area away from the other children yet still under the supervision of the staff member) and being placed on the color RED. Children will be placed in time out for a period of minutes not to exceed their age (three year olds, three minutes; four year olds, four minutes; etc.) The teacher will communicate with parents when a child’s behavior requires a time out.
  • 4.
    If the behavior does not change or wrong choices continue to be made throughout the day, the child will be moved to the color BLACK. In this case, the parent will be notified and may be required to retrieve the child from school.
  • 5.
    At the staff member’s discretion, a child may be immediately moved to the colors RED or BLACK for gross misbehavior such as lying, having a temper tantrum, fighting with another child, etc.
  • 6.
    Once a child is moved to the colors RED or BLACK, he cannot move back to GREEN until the next school day.
  • 7.
    Parents will be made aware of misbehavior via the communication folder and verbal contact as necessary.
  • 8.
    Persistent behavior that results in repeated moves to the colors of RED and BLACK will result in an administrative conference and could result in suspension or expulsion.
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