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Staff members who teach students in kindergarten through twelfth grade must possess a non-tax lifetime teaching credential from the Ohio Department of Education. Verification of this credential through the Educator Profile will be done by school prior to hiring of personnel. Staff members and volunteers who have direct contact with students must submit to state and federal background checks.


Edward Barclay

Senior Pastor

William Duttry

Executive Director

Michael Goodson

Secondary Principal

Kim Ketchum

Elementary Principal

Jennie Lang

Administrative Assistant


Melissa Sahadi


Madelon Siekbert

Preschool K3

Geri Cole

Preschool K4

Heather Gabbard

Preschool K4

Megan Cuaresma

Preschool Aide & Cafeteria

Yesenia Hernandez

Elementary Aide

Wendi Shadwick


Kristi Williams

First Grade

Kim Gabbard

Elementary Aide

April Joiner

First Grade

Sandra Bogan

Second Grade

Brenna Foster

Third Grade

Jessica Perkins

Fourth Grade

Tina Goodson

Fifth and Sixth Grade

Brittani Fryman

Fifth and Sixth Grade

Bradley VanLue

Secondary Social Studies and Bible

Josh Whitcomb

Secondary Math

Robin Nichols

Elementary Music

Chelsea Moeller

Secondary Social Studies and Resource

Ashley Kleiner

Secondary English

Kristen Miller

Secondary Science

Sheldon Ortiz

Elementary Hebrew

Lorra Johnson

Secondary Teacher and Graduation Coach

Shawn Perkins

Drama and Cafeteria

Ron Kelsey

Secondary Art & Resource

David Williamson

Athletic Director

Sam Gabbard

Assistant Athletic Director

Brooke Robinson

Late Stay

Rebekah Arsnoe

Late Stay