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Parents/guardians (or an individual designated by the parent/guardian) should park in the designated parking area and accompany their child to the Early Learning Center. Children must wash their hands and be given the opportunity to use the restroom prior to entering the classroom.

Preschoolers will be released from the Early Learning Center only to the parent/guardian or designated individual sixteen years of age or older. Preschoolers will only be released to individuals on the parent/guardian-approved pick-up list. Individuals who are authorized by the parent/guardian to pick up the child must provide picture identification when the individual is unknown to the staff member.

Preschoolers who are not picked up when dismissal ends will be taken to Late Stay. This service is provided each day until 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated. Charges for Late Stay will be billed to the parent’s/guardian’s FACTS account on a weekly basis.